3 ways web creators Can monetize their blogs now

There are millions of content being created daily on the internet from video content to images, text, and audio content, mostly for fun and some for financial reasons, we will be focusing on the content creators who already have their own blog but if want to know how to get started in creating your blog which will act as a home for all your content Click Here.

If you are writing about passions, whether it’s fashion, travel, pets, food…whatever inspires you. For you to be successful you have to be committed to creating content on your blog daily and how about making some money from your blog? Sounds good right? getting rewarded for doing something you love will not be a bad idea.

This are some of the ways you will be able to monetize your blog and make money from it

Make Use of Affiliate links

Affiliate links are one way to generate revenue for your blog. With affiliate marketing, the blogger agrees to link to specific products that they feel good about sharing with their audience. An affiliate link takes the consumer to the merchant’s website, with the affiliate (the blogger) getting a commission for every sale. Multiple affiliate networks are out there to bring together merchants and products with bloggers and website creators.

you can signup as an affiliate with Jumia do a review on any of their products that relates to your blog ass your unique affiliate on your blog that will link to Jumia everytime a purchase is made from your afiliate links you get paid commissions.

Sponsored Posts

 A sponsored post is another way you can earn money from your blog you create an opportunity to feature brands on your blog. they will pay to have their company name, products, or services featured on a blog. Sponsored posts offer brands a way to get exposure from popular bloggers and other influencers while offering the content creator a fee. As with affiliate marketing, numerous sponsored post networks exist to bring together brands with bloggers and social you can check them out, you can also position your blog as an authority in your niche the brands will the once reaching out to you no need to go look for them.


There are several advertisement sites that pay you to put ad space on your blog, the most popular among them is google AdSense, Amazon. Adversal, they offer bloggers and website creators a way to run display ads alongside their blog posts. Advertisers compete in a digital auction to place ads on your blog, and how much you earn depends on monthly traffic to your website and how many visitors see or interact with the ads.

For this 3 ways to really work for you need to ensure you create contents on a daily basis and your content must be able to create value to your blog readers,