Tizeti – making unlimited voice service easier

Tizeti, an Internet Service Provider, has unveiled an unlimited voice service app, “WifiCall.ng”, targeted at both individuals and businesses.

The Chief Executive Officer of Tizeti, Mr Kendall Ananyi, said that the app was made for Android and iOS mobile devices.

He added that users will also make and receive crystal clear, unlimited voice calls to anywhere in the world via IP phones or web portal.

“WifiCall.ng is reinventing our traditional understanding of phone communication using next-generation Cloud and AI technology, bringing voice communications in Nigeria into the 21st century.

“Our goal is to continue to reduce the cost of data and accelerate the rate of connectivity across the continent — this is a first step in continuing to bridge the digital divide that exists.

“We are excited to continue pushing boundaries in Information and Communication Technology infrastructure and maintain our competitive edge by offering quality and unlimited data service,” he said.

Ananyi added that according to the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), affordable internet is defined as 1GB of data costing no more than 2 per cent of monthly income.

He said that based on the current estimated national minimum wage in Nigeria of N30,000 (approximately 83.33 dollars) per month, the current average rate for 1GB of data at N1,000 (approximately 2.78 dollars) is significantly higher than the prescribed N600 (1.67 dollars).

The CEO said that the app was built by the Tizeti team to tackle the issue of expensive phone calls on the continent, as WifiCall was a first for not only the Nigerian ISP space but the African ISP space.

“Unlike WhatsApp, WifiCall subscribers can call any phone number in the world, using their data package. For businesses WifiCall allows ease of a variety of client services and internal communications,” he said.

WifiCall.ng is now available for download in Google Playstore and Apple Store.