5 ways to Optimize your video content on youtube 2021

Videos if crafted correctly, are addictive, and give users a personal connection to what they’re watching. Marketing through video gives businesses the opportunity to quickly showcase important features of their business while integrating fun graphics, Youtube also has its own ways of making videos rank in search like google, and if you can properly take advantage of YouTubes SEO feature your video can be seen by the estimated 30 million daily users of youtube.

1. Fill Out the “About Us” Page

YouTube “About Us” pages are so important and it affects your ranking also but thinking that nobody reads it might be incorrect. Even if active viewers don’t visit the section for information about you, YouTube itself identifies keywords as indications of what your channel and videos are about. Using strong keywords throughout your description increases your chances of appearing for a relevant search.

2. Use Video File Name Keywords

Using keywords to optimize YouTube content is a bit different than doing so on Google. Search engines like Google can crawl through a blog article to see how relevant your content is; YouTube cannot watch your video to determine its relevance. This is why it’s important to include keywords in the video file itself. For example, the YouTube algorithm can’t interpret that your video holds marketing content, but it can easily read your file name and serve it to users searching for marketing-related keywords.

3. Utilize Your Channel Tags

YouTube lets you add meta tags to your channel, which helps them identify your channel’s purpose and relevance. This tactic can help you appear in a YouTube search even if the video in question is not currently processed as a match for your major keywords. There are only 100 characters available here, so do your research and make the keywords count.

4. Create Subtitles

Subtitles and closed captions are underrated when it comes to YouTube. Not only do closed captions provide an essential service to the Deaf community, but they also provide people in crowded or quiet areas the ability to watch your video without disrupting others. In fact, as many as 92% of people regularly view videos with the sound off, meaning that you’re likely missing out if you fail to create subtitles and closed captioning. The text in these features can also function as SEO-ready keywords to help YouTube understand its content.

5. Use Video Cards

Video cards let you embed links to your YouTube videos, The cards can appear at any point in your video, and can include images, outside links, and even content that’s downloaded when viewers click, this will really help your video come out in YouTube search results