Pass ensures you don’t keep imputing your login details every time you have to pay online. With Pass checkout, buying online becomes seamless and faster.

The founder of Pass, Samuel Eze takes through the experience from how it all began.

“It all started November 2018 while I was building parkcrowdy (a mobile app where users can find and pay for parking spots in the world) and whilst pushing it, the pandemic happened. At the peak of the pandemic, my mom was to order some foodstuff and couldn’t pay for it because she couldn’t find her debit card. Sadly we had to sleep hungry and after research, I saw that as a huge problem;a global problem. Three out of four carts are abandoned on a yearly basis because of forgotten passwords or loss of cards and these issues are the reason for the fastest one-click login and checkout for digital commerce; Pass.

For a fact I am of a school of thought that nothing is impossible and that’s what keeps me going but then in addendum to that the reason why we are building pass is what pushes me – that is trying to help 3.8 billion users across the world. Our solution is simple. You sign up for pass and you don’t have to input your personal and financial details across the web. When you get to the platform, it’s just a single click you need.

For a business like ours, we make profit through transaction fees but our major challenge is hiring the right and best talent to scale. We are working round the clock to make sure we get the best of the best.

I wouldn’t say Nigeria isn’t ready for the solution because we have over a 116 million internet consumers but I understand the issue of trust when it has to do with debit card details. Having come to that realisation, we are working round the clock to earn the trust of Nigerians and it is coming in bits and growing really fast, now I can categorically say that Nigeria is ready because we have got a lot of engagements that are validating our products even from big companies.

We are a team of ample knowledge in technology, sales, data protection operations and product with wide experiences in large operational systems. We just started on the 14th of September and it was basically customer acquisition; telling them what we do and today we have closed up on major partnerships like Gokada.

Our pre-seed fund has basically helped us get to the stage we are as a company, and gotten our products ready, bring the right people onboard and we have been able to hire amazing people cut across product. It’s been simply amazing and it did come right on-time.

To every young entrepreneur coming up and looking to solve a problem with an idea and you don’t know how to start, my first advise is for you to just Start. Keep moving and keep going. You may not know when you will get there but overtime, you will realise you have made exceptional progress all the way. Secondly, know your Why! Know the reason behind the solution you are building, so that when you meet hurdles along the way your why will keep you going.

For Pass, we are headed towards eliminating every friction across the web.”

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