A new Chinese app that reveals if you’re near a debtor!

Imagine having an app that lets you know if the person standing or sitting by is a debtor?

Does it actually exist?

Thanks to a new app called “map of deadbeat debtors,” it is now possible.

This new app alerts the user when a debtor is within 500 meters by displaying exact location of the debtor.

This app was developed by the Chinese government and is available on the WeChat platform.

Beijing believes this app is part of a social rating system that would reward people who exhibit good behavior and impose restrictions and penalties on those who aren’t model citizens.

How it works

This app alerts users if a debtor nearby; then allows users view the personal information of debtor: name, national ID number, and why they were added to the debtor list.

The app users are then afforded the opportunity to publicly shamed or reported to the authorities.

The “map of deadbeat debtors”  draws data from multiple sources that sets up a points program to reward or punish citizens accordingly.

The app has already become a big hit across China; with the government expected to apply this initiative on other social issues of Chinese life by 2020.