Adtech Startups Druve Raises Funding

Fast-rising ad-tech startup Druve has successfully raised 30 thousand Dollars in funding

Druve is a platform that lets advertisers advertise on what’s app status updates

Druve lets you register as an advertiser or druver on the platform and you instantly start advertising or making money on the platform

According to one of the founders the startup was born out of a dissatisfaction of small business not getting a return on their investment from online marketing because of lack of skills or low budget

Druve is poised to help small businesses with little or no marketing skills to achieve their marketing goals.

Druve helps both the business and the people grow, mostly the small business with little or no marketing skills can get a return of investment on their marketing strategies while the people get paid for making updating their status.


You download the Druve mobile app and create your marketing campaign as an advertiser. your campaign goes life after been verified by the team.

Druvers as they are called then share this campaign to their friends and family and get paid for doing that, therefore, generating organic traffic for the advertiser.

Druve is founded by a well-experienced team will several years of experience in building business and helping them grow and scale but they discovered that most of the small businesses always had issues getting ROI on their marketing strategies online, sometimes because of their lack of skills to improve properly or low budget.

This motivated them to develop the Druve platform.

With already over 3500 DRUVERS IN LESS than 6 months of its lunch, the founder believes that this solution is what Africa needs to help reduce poverty. Druve profits both business and the Druver


Druve successfully raised its first round of seed funding that has helped build better technology

The fund was raised in match of 2020

In an interview will one of the co-founders Michael john he said their greatest achievement so far is been able to generate passive income for over 3500 Nigerians in less than 6 months