Agritech: FIIRO Unveils Mobile Garri Processor

The application of technology in agriculture is fast revolutionizing the food and agriculture industry, and investors are taking this opportunity to get exposure to the sector.

Agriculture technology (agritech) is fast becoming a major focus for investors globally. agritech includes a wide variety of technologies and innovations that farmers can apply on the farm.

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The vast opportunity in this sector has lead to the birth of agritech startups in the country notable of which are

Top Agritech Startups in Nigeria


Farmcrowdy is a digital agriculture platform that focuses on connecting farm sponsors with real farmers in order to increase food production. Farmcrowdy has been able to empower farmers across Nigeria by getting them access to funding, quality seeds and capacity building for improved yield.

Thrive Agric

Thrive agric is a start-up that helps farmers obtain the best inputs and machinery for their farms, the startup also offers data-driven advisory services and access to premium markets. Uka Eje, the founder of Thrive Agric, took up the challenge after leaving school, when he discovered the major challenges faced by farmers in rural areas. There were three major challenges: insufficient access to finance, the startup is using technology to help farmers.

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct is an organic farming start-up that uses new solutions such as vertical farming and hydroponics (growing plants without soil and with little water). The urban farming method pioneered by Adelaja is aimed at making farming accessible to everyone to produce food, even in cities.

FIIRO Unveils Mobile Garri Processor

The government is also playing its part in ensuring that technology is leveraged on help ferments and also in other part of the agricultural sector.

The Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO) boss has

has unveiled its newly fabricated garri processor and solar boiler to enhance food and agro-allied processing activities in the country.

The information is in a statement by the institute’s Director-General, Prof. Gloria Elemo on Tuesday in Lagos.

She stated that the mobile garri processing unit was to solve the problem of small-scale processors, as it helps to ease their work and save man hour.

She noted that the processor would also enhance efficiency, as well as reduce the cost of processing garri, while its mobile nature would make it possible to service
more people at their convenience.

The DG FIIRO in her speech said that the institute would continue to develop more technologies that would impact on the activities of major stakeholders, the Small, Medium and Large in the agricultural sector.

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