AgroCentra gets $250k investment from GreenTec Capital

GreenTec Capital, a global investment company has selected Ghana-based incubator AgroCenta as the recipient of a US$250,000 (£200,000) GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Grant funded by UK DFID, Australian AID, and the GSMA and its members.

This would make AgroCentra the tenth company entering the GSMA’s Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund Portfolio third cohort.

Indeed, AgroCenta now joins start-ups from 23 markets in total representing very diverse ecosystems and collaborations between start-ups and mobile operators.

Collectively, the Innovation Fund’s portfolio addresses solutions to 13 of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals within the portfolio, the case for leveraging mobile innovation to help solve local problems is being widely demonstrated.

AgroCenta will focus on improving its innovative digital agricultural platform and expand financial inclusions and services to rural smallholder farmers.

It has helped to set up aggregation centers to further facilitate market access for farmers and increase Ghana’s food security through preventing crop spoilage through secure storage facilities.