App that Aid Response to Emergencies by Security Agencies Unveiled

Juggernaut has launched a new phone application, ‘Prime Alert’ to aid prompt response by security agencies to emergency situations.


The Emergency SOS Alert App helps to protect and save lives. it allows You to monitor and be notified on the safety and well being of multiple dependants (e.g. children, teenagers, elderly parents, sick family, and clients) within one app.

Chief Operating Officer, of Prime Alert Nigeria, Ibok Offiong, while unveiling the phone application at a news conference in Abuja, said that application was founded to effectively bridge the gap between emergencies and response.

According to her, the emergency situation has to lead to a lot of losses hence the need to bring up this App to salvage Nigerians from continuing in the trend.

She said the company’s major priorities included to promote and enhance public safety through the use of the service and to help facilitate improvement in the nation’s security architecture.

She said that part of the aim of the app was to also set up an emergency communication system for the country.

Explaining how the application worked, Offiong said the app could be downloaded on mobile phones from the app store after which people would be asked to supply five numbers of their family members or friends in case of emergencies.

“The victim will push the red button and the emergency response is immediately alerted.

“Ones we receive any distress alert, Prime Alert immediately places a call to the victim’s family and friend and then places another call to relevant security agencies,” she said.

She also highlighted some of the emergencies to include accident and injury, physical or sexual assault, political and civil unrest, terrorist attacks.

Others are health problems, fire outbreak, kidnapping, rituals, killings, potential assault, burglary, flood and many more.

According to Offiong, prime alert management will be working with all government agencies that are handling different emergency cases.

She said that the company covered preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery.

She listed some of the agencies they were collaborating with to include, the Nigerian Police to handle mainly crime-related emergencies.

Others are fire services to handle fire-related emergencies, medical to handle medical-related emergencies and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to handle flood-related cases