Gokada temporarily suspends operations

It’s not good news for bike commuters in Lagos as popular bike hailing app Gokada suspends its operations…for now!

In a message via its verified Twitter handle, the management simply said it wanted to improve on its operational template for seamless service.

Users of the app had complained on Wednesday of their inability to access the services of the bike start up, but now the management has fully explained what happened.

“This is to inform all our customers that the shut down is temporary and we will reopen on the 26th of August. We ask that you are patient with us and we regret the inconvenience this will bring Gokada 2.0 initiative,” it said in a statement.

“The Gokada 2.0 initiative promises better and more professional pilots, more comfortable bikes and an overall excellent service delivery. We thank you all for understanding.”

Speculations are rife that the upgrade in operations may not be unconnected with plans by the Lagos state government to impose new regulation, including licensing fees, required for them to operate as part of local transportation infrastructure.

Startup will pay annual licensing fees of 25 million naira ($70,000) per 1,000 bikes and then 30,000 naira ($83) per bike after the first set of 1,000.