Cars45 launches second retail franchise

Purchasing of cars in Nigeria has been made easier by the automobile online platform Cars45.

In fact, less than a month after opening its first franchise outlet in Lagos, Nigeria’s leading automotive trading platform, Cars45 has launched a second Carsbazr retail franchise outlet in partnership with DeFeon Autos in Lagos.

Buoyed by the desire to bring automotive services closer to the people as well as the need to deliver exceptional customer experiences to end-users, whilst fulfilling its brand promise of providing end-users with a rich variety of verified cars at affordable prices, Cars45 has been hailed for its innovative approach to the business of buying, selling and trade-in used cars in Nigeria.

Speaking at the launch of the franchise outlet, CEO, Cars45, Etop Ikpe noted that the business is committed to growth and empowering dealers within its network to grow and build great businesses as well and that the event lends credence to the growth objective.

 Ikpe said that the company in order to make cars affordable for the average Nigerian, his company had designed platforms at which customers can pick up vehicle and access a loan to fund it.

“It is important that we have few partners around us now which have made the journey towards having more people own their type of cars without much hassle simpler and affordable,” he said.

“Now, it is not just providing cars for sale, but providing certain incentives for people to have access to fund and evaluation of the cars of their choice, especially used cars.

“We now have a standard practice at which financiers are able to value our cars, knowing the condition of the cars before they are purchased; so this gives more transparent transactions,” he said.

Cars45 provides one of a kind platform for used cars in Nigeria, giving a private network of buyers the fastest way to find the perfect car that fits their buyers’ needs.


The Managing Director, De Feon Automobiles, Niyi Olukitibi, commended the initiative of the Cars45, adding that the new online platform for car sale was the best in the country.

This is the best online retail market for car sale in the country as at now because it is safer, cheaper and better,” he said.

It is good to have your cars through a verified network that reduces the activities of the middlemen which make cars unaffordable to the people.

It is a win win situation for all the stakeholders because the cars might come at a cheaper rate, then the seller and the buyers will have a trust of the car,” he added.

Cars45 is partnering with financial institutions to create products that will provide vehicle financing for consumers and remove barriers to car ownership using available data.

Currently on its website,, consumers can view vehicles and financing options that are available.