CcHub, British Council create solutions to change Anglo-Africa relations

In a bid to create a new narrative that addresses Africa’s relationship with the United Kingdom (UK), Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) is partnering with the British Council and Beetfreeks Collective by creating solutions to end old narratives.

This partnership will support young people to generate and disseminate a new and refreshing narrative of both places in order to foster new and stronger collaborations that will achieve new, Africa-UK understanding.

It will bring together 30 Africans and 10 Britons who will participate in two residential labs in Kigali and Birmingham to develop exciting, new ideas that contribute to new narratives between Africa and the UK.

This program is scheduled to take place between February and April 2020.

Africa’s rapidly growing youth population is the most significant factor for the future of the continent; their relationship with the UK has huge ramifications for our shared prosperity and security,” says Moses Anibaba, Regional Director, Sub Saharan Africa region of British Council.

New Narratives aims to contribute to ensuring that this future relationship is based on more up-to-date, correct and complete narratives generated through new connections and strong engagement between young people in both places.”

Participants are expected to explore the application of Human-centered Design (HCD) to create fresh, diverse and innovative solutions for richer narratives.