Centralized projects, synergy: Experts speak on portal for local ICT companies

Following the launch of the Indigenous Information Technology Companies’ Portal (IICP) by National Information Technology Development
Agency (NITDA) on Thurday in Abuja, experts have been reacting positively to this new development.

Mathias Ajudua, the Director, Technical Services, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the idea is a competitive one which will ensure that IT companies bidding for projects in public institutions are certified by
NITDA before they can qualify to execute projects.

“This is the first time this kind of initiative is coming up in the country and it is a welcomed development.

“The portal will serve as central data base where IT companies log on their credentials when they are certified by NITDA and anytime they bid for contracts, their profile will be checked to ensure if they are qualified.

“It is a welcomed development because the initiative will encourage other sectors to come up with strategies to centralise projects for national development.”


Oluwafemi Osho, an ICT expert, said that the database would give an idea of who is doing IT business in the country.

He said it would allow preference for local IT companies and a normal practice in developed societies.

He, however, noted that the Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) is mandated to have database for professionals.

“If NITDA has come up with one, it may be seen as duplication,” he said.

He, therefore, called for synergy between CPN and NITDA to achieve the common goal.

The new portal – www.iicp.nitda.gov.ng – is expected to regulate the incidence of failed IT projects among public institutions contracted without provisions for maintenance or a sustainable plan.