Commercialization of local inventions vital to national development

Most countries that have made a leap in the realm of science and technology have benefitted from government support, encouragement of local inventions.

The Japanese and Korean experience are all too familiar.

The American silicon valley story reflect private initiatives  getting the right support for advancement.

But in Nigeria, the story has been one of so much potential, barely any results.

Many have criticised Nigerian laws for not promoting the commercialisation of local products.

Some have blamed inadequate implementation of the existing laws that would promote indigenous product commercialisation.

At the closing ceremony of the 2018 Technology and Innovation Expo organised by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Abuja, the theme commercialisation of local inventions dominated

The only way the lawmakers can support local innovators is to make laws that will promote indigenous productions like these. But those laws are already in place, it is just the implementation that is the clog in the wheel of progress,” said Osita Izunaso, the National Organising Secretary of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The APC chieftain, who hinted that he was willing to invest and partner with the innovators, also advised the Federal Government on how it could assist inventors in commercialising their products.

First of all, they should give our local inventors a sense of belonging. Secondly, when next this exhibition is taking place, they should invite more of investors and more of entrepreneurs that have their money to invest. So that when they come in, they will see what these people are doing and they will partner with them and mass-produced them for commercial purposes,” he said.

It is hoped that more government enablement would help push this drive  to fruition in the nearest future.