CVHub develops E-Politics app to simplify electoral process

The Computer Village Hub (CVHub) is developing and promoting E-Politics application that will simplify the electoral process in the country.

The CVHub Manager, Joseph Etim, made this known in Lagos .

CvHub is a project that is bent on training 100,000 Nigerians on computer and ICT skills across the country.

Etim said that the application would aid politicians and their followers in campaigning and electioneering.

He said that the app would bring politicians closer to the people and enable their followers to have a close relationship with them.

According to him, we are in a digital age and embracing technology through this app to improve communication, which has always been an issue between the politicians and people.

“The application will aid political activities, manage the crowd well and disseminate information at the right time so that the information will get to the right destinations.

“The app will facilitate communication in terms of meetings at the unit level.

“The app will be able to make you appoint a leader at the unit level down to the ward level; and communicate with the people.

“Most times, it is communication gap that makes politicians to lose contact with the people.

“The app is to create seamless communication with whoever contacts you and whoever you want to reach out to,’’ he said.

Etim said that in the electioneering process, politicians usually had facilitators everywhere, which the app could mange.

He said that the app would also enable the politicians to keep track of their followers and the electorate.

Etim said that the app would enable politicians to determine the number of their supporters and access their phone numbers.

“It will not aid vote-buying but help the campaign process to be easy,’’ he said.

The CVHub is also offering an ongoing three months training on coding , robotics, among others, to meet up with the training of 100,000 youths in conjunction with Codefest Nigeria.