Techcode Nigeria, an indigenous Cybersecurity company is organizing the 2nd Edition of the South-East Cyber Security Conference (SECYCONE 2019) in Collaboration with South-East Chambers of Commerce with the aim of promoting Cybersecurity due diligence, increasing audience knowledge, creating awareness and an understanding of issues around Cyber-crime in the global digital society.

According to Mr. Nwogha Chibuike the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Techcode Nigeria, the program with the theme, “’ Strengthen the Security Ecosystem and Cybersecurity Cluster” is intended to digitally influence the cyberspace by offering a platform for participants discussion as well as various products and services that will help bridge the gap between digital and information in Nigeria and in West Africa as a whole.

Cybercrimes in the country are on the rise and it is evident from the number of cases that are reported in the media. The number of compromised records in the past few years are in excess of about 900 million globally.

Cybercrimes have far-reaching impacts including disruption of critical infrastructure, financial frauds and data breaches amongst others. The huge payoff that cybercrimes offer at a minimal cost coupled with no constraints of geographical boundaries, has added to the rapidly increasing instances of such crimes.

Many of these cybercriminals’ current exploits are going unnoticed. Secycone 2019 Conference will focus on how businesses can protect themselves from falling victims and also learn how to mitigate these threats in a digital age through workshops, technical sessions, plenary sessions, and breakout session.

The Conference is uniquely merged with an exhibition to provide a platform to display state of the art safety products and solutions, showcase the latest technology, provide networking and marketing opportunities for manufacturers and also attract prospective investors to the South Eastern region.

Mr. Nwogha posited that SECYCONE 2019, the 2nd Edition of the South-east Cyber-Security Conference, is holding in Enugu State because of the State’s strategic and economic importance in the South-East with about two thousand persons in attendance from the southeast inclusive of stakeholders.

Secycone is initiatives of Techcode Nigeria aimed at promoting Cybersecurity due diligence, increasing audience knowledge, creating awareness and an understanding of issues around Cyber-crime in the global digital society. The program which aims to serve the government and the private sector mostly in the South-Eastern part of the country is

uniquely merged with the following activities:

  1. Exhibition
  2. Hackathon Competition to all tertiary Institution.

We are confident that the 3-day event which is targeted at high level executives from across all strata of human endeavor such as banking, oil and gas, Tech Start-ups, Financial Technology companies, all tiers of government, telecommunications, logistics, retail, hospitality, the military, paramilitary, etc., which use the internet for doing their businesses will live up to its billing as the most established and only dedicated Security and Public Safety event to serve the government and private sector in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.

The three-day event which will hold from Wednesday 16th– Friday 18th October, 2019 at Kobb Civic Center GRA Enugu, Enugu State, will attract Cyber Security professionals from various industries within and outside the South-Eastern Region including the Financial Service sector, insurance firms, telecommunication industry, Oil and Gas, conglomerates, Tech Start-ups, Financial Technology (FinTech) companies, State and Local Governments in the South-Eastern Region, Parastatals in the South East, Police, Military/Para-Military, etc. Cyber threats and attacks are constantly growing and becoming more sophisticated, dangerous and damaging and it is a top priority for businesses to protect their networks, computers, and information from unauthorized access and breaches.

As enterprises and government provide most services online to their clients today, the size of cyber-attack has grown exponentially. As more specialists join the ranks, more malware is being launched than ever before. It is not all about compliance; it is also about security being proactive and not reactive. The watchword all (Government, Private Business and Individual) is to be PREPARED!