Dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform industries and revolutionize society, but it also poses a number of dangers. Like every technology that was created in the past, they always begin with text deployments before proceeding to visual and audio, A lot of people might not understand some of the dangers of AI yet because they are only experiencing the text deployments of AI like CHATGPT, but soon enough as we begin to experience the visual and audio deployments the risks will even be more visible.

Now imagine receiving a call from a loved one and hearing their unmistakable voice on the other end of the line saying that they need money or your account information right away.

This may sound like a fraud lifted straight out of science fiction, but with the exponential development of AI tools, it is a growing reality.

Artificial Intelligence Voice Cloning

Using artificial intelligence (AI) voice technology(VOICE CLONING) cybercriminals are able to create fake audio clips or voice commands that sound like the person’s original voice, which can lead to identity theft, fraudulent phone calls, and phishing emails. Worryingly, it has already claimed several victims.

Wall Street Journal reports that the CEO of a UK-based energy firm was 2019 scammed out of €220,000 by an AI-powered deep fake of his German boss’s voice. The fraudster used AI voice technology to mimic the parent company chief’s accent in three phone calls, convincing the victim to transfer funds to a Hungarian supplier’s account. this happened in 2019, considering the growth rate of AI, Imagine what can be done in 2023 with voice Cloning AI.

Hany Farid, a professor of digital forensics at the University of California at Berkeley speaking to the Washington Post said

“Two years ago, even a year ago, you needed a lot of audio to clone a person’s voice,Now … if you have a Facebook page … or if you’ve recorded a TikTok and your voice is in there for 30 seconds, people can clone your voice.”

Do you know Microsoft’s AI text-to-speech tool VALL-E recently hit the headlines for its ability to accurately mimic a speaker’s tone and emotion with just a few seconds of training, Well think of what the features hold if something is not done?

Artificial Intelligence-Generated Images

What about AI-generated images? they look very interesting but they can be a serious security danger too. How many people know this AI-generated photo of the pope below is fake?

The image was created using Midjourney, an artificial intelligence tool that can generate shockingly realistic images AI has become much better in recent years, and most text-to-image generators nowadays are so-called diffusion models. This means that they are “trained” over a long period of time on an enormous number of text and images, which is what makes their creations so impressive and stunningly realistic. The question we are asking is, How will you be able to differentiate between AI-generated images and Real images in the future?

The more people use these text-to-image generators, the more information they are fed, and the better their creations become. This will greatly lead to Disinformation, What would stop a disinformation agent from creating a fake image and promoting it on social media with the help of bots?

In March 2022,  a fake video depicting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky telling Ukrainians to surrender circulated online, that’s just one example, because the possibilities are almost endless, and there are countless ways a Disinformation agent could damage somebody’s reputation, promote a false narrative, or spread fake news with the help of AI.

Artificial Intelligence Influenced Systems and Weapons

The development of autonomous weapons systems raises ethical and moral questions about the use of lethal force without human oversight or control. AI systems can be unpredictable and difficult to understand. There is a risk that unintended consequences could arise from the use of these systems, which could have serious implications for society.

It is important for developers and policymakers to address these dangers and work towards creating responsible and ethical AI systems that benefit society as a whole. hence why top industry players like Elon Musk  have called for a halt in the development of AI