Don expresses fears on the impact of AI on Nigeria’s unemployment crisis

As Nigerians express fear that the adoption of robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will accelerate the level of unemployment in the country, an Information Communication Technology (ICT) expert, Oluwafemi
Osho, said humans will need to adjust.

Osho, a Lecturer in the Department of Cyber Security Science, Federal University of Technology, Minna, said that AI is one of the fields that define the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) that aims to create machines that reason like humans.

“AI is the future. This is more so, considering the fact that digitisation worldwide keeps growing”.

According to him, people will need to choose careers that are ICT-compliant and going further, there might be no need for some kind of jobs.

“When computers came, the idea was to reduce processing time, labour cost, increase efficiency and it went further to algorithm, AI.

“AI will not take over jobs but only means that humans will have to adjust so that the jobs they do will suit trends in the Information Communication Technology sector,” he said.

He further said that humans were also the ones that operate the machines and presently there were no robots that could do emotionally-related jobs.

Osho said that there was great need to sensitise the younger ones, especially at the secondary school level to choose careers they could operate comfortably through deploying ICT.

The ICT expert said that the attitude of the Federal Government toward deploying AI in its systems was discouraging, noting, however, that government needed to be cautious.

“Africa has been a consuming continent but at this time, it is important we become producers.

“Our attitude toward investing in AI technology is not encouraging and we might end up losing out at the end.

“In many developed countries, their higher institutions are already thinking of ways to divert from traditional means of learning.

“Technologies that ride on AI today are disrupting virtually every industry, including the banking industry.”

He said that some cooperate institutions were engaging AI-backed chat bots to respond to customer enquiries, noting that the measure had led to increased customer engagement.

Osho further said that AI could be a great tool for managing risks, deployed to detect and prevent fraud.

He advised government to adopt the technology, stressing that it would help to tackle issues of governance
in the country.