Egyptian, Kenyan startups join prestigious Endeavor network

Globally renowned entrepreneurial group Endeavour network has co-opted startups from Egypt and Kenya respectively.

They are MaxAB (Egypt), Africa HealthCare Network (AHCN) and Koko Network (Kenya).

While MaxAB manages entire logistics and supply chain processes for small-scale businesses, AHCN has a robust relationship with hospitals to provide access to dialysis across East Africa.

On its part, Koko Networks delivers carbon-negative cooking fuel to Kenya’s urban mass-market.

Endevour Network has since 1997 set out to provide operational capacity and access to finance to entrepreneurs in emerging markets globally.

So far a total five Africa-based entrepreneurs have been added to the Endeavor network, which now supports 2,155 entrepreneurs leading 1,344 companies in nearly 40 markets around the world.