Enjoy realtime online gaming…and make cool cash!

Nigerians are beginning to embrace the online gaming experience.

Typically, the Nigerian teenager/youth of the 90s enjoyed playing games via consoles such as Sony Play Station, Nintendo and the likes.

But with the rising use of the internet, gamers can now face fellow players from any part of the world.

Well, it’s now a common sight. But how about playing online and making some cool cash on the side?


Playjoor is a real-time multi-player gaming platform focused on creating an engaging & vibrant community of game lovers while helping them earn money at the same time.

For intended players, It promises to be an immersive Gaming Experience Play real-time games.

Currently, gamers can compete and challenge others in games such as Whot, Chess and Draughts(Chess). Other games like Ayo, Chess, Scrabble, Draughts(Checkers) and other skilled games will be added as the platform expands, mostly based on community feedback.

The Playjoor site is very much optimized for mobile phones and tablets, but  can only be used by Google Chrome.

How does it work?

  1. Create a Playjoor account at no cost at all, and fund your wallet with any amount of money.
  2. Select a 2 player game of WHOT! and play against an opponent using as little as N50 (to earn N90) or as much as N10,000 (to win N18,000).
  3. Keep, playing, and keep winning money. It’s that simple!
  4. Join fellow playjoorians on Whatsapp (+234-08187241506) to keep in touch, and Playjoor!

Playjoor can be downloaded on Google Playstore and Apple Playstore.