Entertainment Meets Tech With New Skelewu App

Skelewuskit Mobile App (skwnapp) is a talent hunt focused app, researching and analyzing true potentials, developing products and services tailored around creative POTENTIAL’S.

With an engagement, serving the corporate customer in the event planning market

The app lets you:

• Enjoy a growing catalog of online entertainment

• Find every imaginable international celebrity phone number and address

• Click, share, connect and browse information on the Go

• Create and organize an event or party

• Test your entertainment knowledge

We had an interview with the Founder of Skwnapp and this was his responses.

What led you to start thinking about this solution?

I’m a creative in design and from a very poor background. It’s so sad many Nigerian youths lost talent. Imagine young creative potential begin their journey full of hope, but they are forsaken by the system, exploited by agents and left to reminisce about the dream they once cultivated. 21, October 2013 the whole idea began after watching a music video tilted “Skelewu” song by Nigerian artist DAVID ADELEKE, popularly known as DAVIDO. 

The solution begins with me when I was denied several opportunities, I know people who are in a better position but refuse to referred me to a network of people which can lead to sales for me. They refuse to referred me and denied me opportunities simply for refusing to give bribe as well as lack of a wealthy “godfather” I went back home disappointed and that same day was when I watched the music video “Skelewu” through the sound of the song, I was inspired and I started seeing a vision of a mobile web application in line of entertainment and event. That was how I started working on the idea as a solution to the creative industry.

So how does the Skwnapp platform work exactly?

Its a talent hunt focused app, with the aim to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity.

So how do Skwnapp profits?

The app is monetized with Advertisement to enable us to cover the fees for maintenance, We sell a branded T-shirts to those who are interested to support, making a pledge by ordering the branded T-shirt and we also offer creative services in design. Like 3d modeling, web branding, digital marketing, and graphic design.

What are the major challenges you are experiencing?

Raising a successful seed round to launch the idea/product into the market.

Do you think Nigeria is ready for this kind of solution?

YES! The solution has been tested with real people, most especially CREATIVE in performing art, dance and comedy skit. And will are even close to 5k app usage milestone this year.

Tell us about your Team?

I myself (Adewunmi Ezekiel) as the Founder/developer and my co-founder (Temitope Adeseha) OND/HND, studied at the Federal University of Otuoke. And we have two strategic business partners Sola Oyebade CEO Mahogany International, a corporate event, entertainment group of the company. And Afod Lanre (Movie Actor/director)

What are your major achievements since you started?

So far we have hit a Total Installs of 1233, Total Downloads: 526 andTotal Usages:4864. And our first paying customers for our creative services include 4 in Nigeria and 3 in South Africa. Having Tayo Faniran the ex-big brother Africa housemate on our waiting list. This year we incorporated as SKWNAPP NIGERIA LTD.

What advice do you have for people who have ideas and don’t know how to start?

You first need to do your research then you need to really invest in taking your time to develop it, do your best creating an initial prototype you can show to potential customers and investors, in the interest of collecting feedback and making subsequent improvements.