Evolving Economic Disruption: Fintech as a Solution: NFW 2020

With the evolving global economic disruption, the Nigeria Fintech Week (NFW) 2020 aims to discover, launch and bring to limelight the new fintech solutions that can be leveraged in key important but neglected sectors such as health, agriculture, education, ecommerce, logistics amongst others. The 2nd edition of Fintech Week (NFW) 2020 and the 5th in the series of National Fintech Conferences in Nigeria would unearth the paradigm shift in innovation and the new waves of digital and financial disruptions and solutions to rescue economies of the developing countries.

As Fintech innovation continues to evolve, can the world rely on Fintech to bail it out of the looming global financial and economic crisis? NFW 2020 promises to be a festival of solutions through new technologies.

This years event will he held online from the 2nd of November to the 6th of November 2020

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The speakers at this years event