French Minister warns against ‘Black Friday’, short-lived goods

The “Black Friday’’ shopping splurge is taking the world by storm.

From Nigeria, the United States to India, eager customers are besieging shops, supermarkets and online platforms to get the best deals.

Morso as they try to get their hands on choice technological inventions like IPhone laptops, digital wristwatches and lots more.

In France however, a French Minister Brune Poirson has warned as shoppers not to get in over their heads!

Consumers were using 60 per cent more textiles than 15 years ago, but only keeping them for half as long, junior environment Minister Bruno Poirson said.

The minister insisted that French consumers might be taking advantage of Black Friday – a U.S. idea that has recently spread to Europe  – but warned that the new electronic goods or home appliances might give up the ghost within only a few years.

“That is called planned obsolescence,’’ Poirson said in a video posted on Twitter.

’’And it’s a double scam: on the planet and on your wallet.’’

The government was working on a tool to inform customers about the lifespan of goods and would propose a law on the issue by 2019, Poirson promised.