Galaxy S10 Poses an Inbuilt Cryptocurrency Wallet

Still basking in the euphoria of the samsung galaxy S10 the latest from the staples of smartphone giant samsung.

The new smartphone poses an all-new display that avoids the dreaded notch by floating a camera cutout on the top-right corner of the display instead. Beyond aesthetics, however, it appears Samsung future-proofed the device in other aspects, as well.

With the Galaxy S10 family of phones, Samsung becomes one of the first major phone manufacturers to release a device with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. This wallet should let users store bitcoin, Ethereum, and a beauty-related cryptocurrency called Cosmo Coin. It’s a cold-storage wallet, too, which means it’s not connected to the internet.The Galaxy S10 comes equipped with an Application Processor, also called AP, Exynos 9820 that Samsung itself developed. The chip also has PUF, physically unclonable function for short, which is a semiconductor-based cryptographic key management technology. Which is all to say the Galaxy S10 has plenty of security features to store private keys safely making the S10 one of the best smartphone for Cryptocurrency