Generation X: 5G cars on the way….an Audi & Ericsson collaboration

Collaboration, or ‘collabo‘ is vital to progress, breakthroughs and innovation.

But imagine an automobile company joining forces with a telecomms company to produce not just a car, but a pioneering one at that.

Hello? Welcome to the world of 5G automobiles!

That’s right, German automobile manufacturer Audi, and multinational telecoms company, Ericsson, are pioneering the use of 5G technology for automotive production.

The two companies agreed on a range of activities exploring the potential of 5G as a future-proof communication technology that can meet the high demands of automotive production.

Ericsson said that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Audi on the project , adding that experts from both comp3anies would soon run field tests in a technical centre of the Audi Production Lab in Gaimersheim, Germany.

Frank Loydl, Chief Information Officer at AUDI, said Audi’s fully networked factory would have a significant impact on the production.

It said that opportunities offered by 5G technology for industrial applications was being tested in the factory, adding that Audi and Ericsson were exploring whether 5G could be used in other Audi Group factories.

Ericsson said that it was already running 5G industry programmes to help manufacturers to boost productivity and create new business opportunities.

According to the company, the project will provide a great opportunity to see what will be possible when 5G is brought into an automobile production environment to truly enable smart wireless manufacturing.

The 5G would be the next generation of mobile communications, which would extend the performance of today’s mobile networks to serve the future needs of consumers and industries.

The 5G networks would deliver a better and faster broadband experience for consumers, and be an enabler for businesses to open up applications.

It said that in the first phase of the project, Audi and Ericsson would test a latency-critical application using wireless connected production robots, equipped with a gluing application.

The planned project at the technical centre in Gaimersheim would include implementation of 5G technologies in a simulated production environment that would mirror those of Audi’s plant in Ingolstadt and other locations.