is now Gloopro – pivots to e-procurement

Lagos-based start up is better known for its e-commerce services.

Well, not anymore.

It is now ended its consumer online retail and is pivoting to B2B e-procurement.

It now has a new operational name – Gloopro.

Based on its analysis, Gloopro is expects to generate revenues on a monthly fee structure and a percentage on goods delivered.

“When the recession hit it affected all consumer e-commerce negatively. We saw it was going to take a longer time to get to sustainability and profitability,” says Gloopro CEO D. O. Olusanya.

“We observed that the unit economics of that business was far better than consumer e-commerce.”

Customers can now order, pay for, and coordinate delivery of office supplies across multiple locations.

Gloopro also produces procurement analytics and allows companies to designate users and permissions.