Google Suspends Support for Huawei Smartphones

Tech Giant Google as a result of the Ban by the trump government on any American companies from selling to Huawei without a US government license, It said to be a significant escalation of the trade war with China.

Latest versions of the chinese smartphone gia will no longer run on android Operating system or be able to access google products like, youtube and gmail. but the good news current users will not be affected by this new development.

But the company is hugely dependent on countries other than China. Roughly half its smartphone sales last year were made outside China, according to research firms Canalys and IDC.

Huawei said it is “examining the implications from the US actions for consumers,” adding that it will continue to provide “security updates and after sales services” for all existing smartphones and tablets, including its Honor budget brand.

Looks like huawei has also been preparing as they claim to have been working on their own operating system

“Huawei has been building an alternative operating system just in case it is needed,” said Huawei spokesperson Glenn Schloss. “We would like to be able to continue operating in the Microsoft and Google ecosystems

This move totally kills the viability of the Huawei phones outside the chores of China and Many third party apps, like ride hailing and food delivery platforms, rely on services like Google Maps. Most of those apps may no longer be supported on Huawei devices,

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