Google unveils Cloud Run

Google has been blazing the trail in unleashing its cloud-driven serverless compute stack as well as new investments in its Cloud Functions and App Engine platforms on the global market.

Now a new service has been added – Cloud Run.

This service provides users the ease and velocity of serverless or the flexibility and portability of containers.

Cloud Run allows developers build end-to-end applications have their own way, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

“What we’re doing with Cloud Run is introducing a brand new product that takes Docker containers, and instantly gives you a URL,” says Oren Teich, director of serverless at Google Cloud.

“This is completely unique in the industry — we’re taking care of everything from the top end of SSL provisioning, routing, all the way down to actually running the container for you. You pay only by the hundred milliseconds of what you use. And it’s end-to-end managed.”