Google’s Net Hub Max allows control of smart devices at home

Google is launching a new smart home gadget called the Google Nest Hub Max to let consumers control connected devices in their homes.

The 10-inch HD smart display – launched at the same time as Google’s budget smartphone, the Pixel 3a.

Nest Hub Max allows users to access Google Services including YouTube, as well as keep an eye on their homes while they’re away through the Nest Cam on the front of the device.

Nest Hub Max’s voice assistant can connect to what Google states is “thousands of devices from popular brands, letting you turn on the lights, turn on the kettle, and turn down your thermostat” all by talking.

Nest Hub Max is designed to be used by multiple people in the home and personalise the responses it gives to them.

The 10″ Nest Hub Max is larger than the existing 7″ Nest Hub and comes with an HD touchscreen over the older device’s LCD display – as well as a camera.