Gric coin using Blockchain to Curb Challenges in the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria.

Agriculture is a major contributor to the economy of Nigeria, but there are several challenges encountered by the farmers at several stages of the production, Lack of finance for agricultural projects, Lack of standardization in processing and packaging of agricultural produce, Lack of transparency, Lack of adequate and proper food processing and storage facilities.

Gric coin is an agriculture blockchain company launched to reduce the challenges faced by farmers using the features of blockchain technology.

Created by professionals and farmers, with over 35 years farming and agricultural industry experience the Gric Coin Project is a decentralized open source blockchain project that is created with focus on the agricultural Sector.

Gric coin project has three categories:

  • The Farm and Blockchain Project
  • Gric Coin Utility Project
  • Gric Coin Service Adoption Project.

The Farm and Blockchain Project

This part of the Gric coin project involves the setting up of a 1000 acres farm and processing factory where farm produce will be processed and professionally packaged to meet international standard.

With the aid of smart contract product information will be stored on the blockchain website for product verification, authentication and food fraud prevention.

The Coin utility Project

The coin utility project allow investors to visit the FarmPartner website, pick from a range of farm businesses in various part of the African continent, each of the farm business comes with specific cost and return on investment. Investors can pick a farm of their choice and invest in it with our Gric Coin. At the end of the agreed period, the investors will be paid back their initial investment and agreed return on investment.

Gric Coin Service Adoption Project

This part of the project allows other agricultural business to adopt the Gric Coin blockchain website service and standards in developing their own agricultural business.

Gric coin plans to raise up to $25 million. Using fundraising through ICOs and use this funds to boast the agricultural sector in Africa
GRIC has a strong business model backed cryptocurrency token with steady and visible future cash flows and profits from the farming, food processing, and agricultural activities

GRIC tokens will also serve as a means of excahnge to buy or sell agriculture or get access to various related products or services. You can also sell GRIC tokens for a profit when they rise in value, or hold them for the long-term just like Bitcoin when their value skyrockets. You can even day trade them if you desire