GSMA picks six African startups for innovation fund

In what can be described as a massive boost to the African incubator space, six startps from the continent have been selected for the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund.

The selected incubators are:

Agrocenta ( Ghana ) Mobile financial services for smallholder farmers

Coliba ( Côte d’Ivoire ) Mobile-supported plastic recycling solution

Eneza Education (Côte d’Ivoire ) SMS-based educational content for K-12 students

GiftedMom (Cameroon ) Digital maternal health support via mobile

KEA Medicals ( Benin )Medical identity solution for patients and hospitals

Taskmoby ( Ethiopia ) Mobile platform connecting skilled workers from the informal sector with customers.

According to GSMA, the representation of very diverse ecosystems is critical to help demonstrate that the case for collaboration between start-ups and mobile operators is not the prerogative of more structured ecosystems like Nairobi or Jakarta, but can also become a reality in Apia or Cotonou. 

“The breadth of sectors represented within the portfolio is also expanding, with new challenges such as citizen engagement, waste management, or universal medical identity being tackled by the newcomers,” GSMA said in a statement.

“With solutions to 13 of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals within the portfolio, the case for leveraging mobile innovation to help solve local problems is being widely demonstrated.”

Between $140 000 and $349 000 (equity-free) will be invested in each of the selected startups.