Halal Angels Network to conduct Entrepreneurship Weekend Training Certificate Program for Free

The Halal Angels Network plans to conduct Entrepreneurship Weekend Training Certificate Program program for Free for aspiring entrepreneurs & startups.

This would be 8 Weeks Entrepreneurship Weekend Training Certificate Program for Entrepreneurs and Startups starting from June 6th, 2022 till July 23rd, 2022. The session would be held online at 1.00 PM Dubai, U.A.E time, the duration would be 40 mins (30 mins for the lecture and 10 mins for Q & A). Registration is free ad the participants would get a certificate of attendance.

The topic which would be taught during this training program would include:
Week 1: Introduction to Business & Entrepreneurship
Week 2: How to start your Business? Different Types of Businesses
Week 3: Funding your business
Week 4: How to develop entrepreneurship Skills & Mindset?
Week 5: How to manage your Business?
Week 6: Halal & Ethical Startup market
Week 7: Funding & Exit Strategy
Week 8: Halal Certification

This is a part of the awareness and education series Halal Angels Network. Earlier this year Halal Angels Network successfully co-hosted Halal & Ethical Weekend Webinar Series 2022 with their strategic partners, SSC Capital Tanzania, EdgeOf- Japan, Omar Business Development Italy, FasterCapital – UAE, Flagship UAE & Jordan, Let’s Invest in Maldives, Education Partners UK, Al Noor, Malaysia, World Talent Economy, Malaysia.

The Halal & Ethical Weekend Webinar Series was held every weekend starting from January 2022 and concluded in March 2022. (11 Weekends, 33 Speakers, 11 Locations, 11 AM Local Time) and 483 attendees had registered for this webinar series.

The objective of these webinars and training programs is to educate, inform, & empower the various stakeholders’ investors, government, startups, and entrepreneurs about the estimated 5 Trillion USD Halal Consumer market.