Here is What WhatsApp Latest Update Means

WhatsApp the messaging app with over billion users around the world has recently announced some updates targeted at helping users get the best out of their communities.

Mark Zuckerberg The owner of WhatsApp made a big announcement about this latest features roll out for the Meta owned platform recently. Meta Chief Executive announced that WhatsApp has rolled out ‘communities’ feature in a bid to support larger group discussion on the platform.

Speaking on the 3rd of November he said

“Today we’re launching Communities on WhatsApp. It makes groups better by enabling sub-groups, multiple threads, announcement channels, and more. We’re also rolling out polls and 32-person video calling too. All secured by end-to-end encryption, so your messages stay private,”

Here is what the updates Means

WhatsApp users will now be able to tap on the new communities tab at the top of their chats on Android and at the bottom on iOS to either start a new community or add existing groups to a community. looks like discord or telegram right?

Once in a community, users can switch between the sub-groups available. Only community admins will be able to broadcast important updates to everyone in the community.

Community admins can also unlink groups from the community and remove individual members from the community, while group admins will be able to delete inappropriate or abusive chats or media for all members of a group.

With the introduction of Communities, messages forwarded more than once will only be sent to one group at a time rather than the previous limit of five groups.

even if this is an official announcement about a global rollout, these features may not immediately reach your account so don’t be surprised if you open WhatsApp and you still cannot create a community or share a poll:

with rise of people creating and managing communities everywhere this might be a very timely feature for the meta owned WhatsApp.

The latest updates also includes  a group poll feature. The functionality lets users create polls within the group quickly with the ability to vote. So next time you need to make in a decision in your community you can easily just put it to a vote,

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has also announced that group video calls on the platform are getting support for up to 32 participants. WhatsApp currently lets you add up to 32 participants to group voice call on both Android and iOS, and the same limit will now apply to group video calls.

With this group video call option you can certainly now have movie nights together for those with smaller communities and