Here’s why data is vital to Nigerian security

Security experts say data gathering and usage were very essential to tackling security challenges in Nigeria.

They spoke at the Securex West Africa Conference in Lagos on ”Implementing 21st Century Security Strategies and Solutions Data Driven Solutions, Intelligence Analysis, Modern Solutions”.

Securex West Africa is a dedicated conference and exhibition encompassing fire and rescue, commercial, homeland and cyber security.

Commenting, Mr Kabir Adamu, the Chief Executive Officer, Beacon Consulting, said there were tools for gathering data that would enhance security in the country.

Adamu said that the five imperatives- Who, What, Where, When and How, would help in gathering the required data to address security issues.

He said that there was need to recognise the trends and patterns of security across the country, saying it would help in finding solutions.

In his contributions, the Head of Research, SBM Intelligence, Mr Cheta Nwanze, said that security challenges in the country were different in each state.

Nwanze said that the country was still using the 19th century mindset to tackle security issues in the 21st century, hence, the need to restrategise.

He said that the culture of impunity should be stopped, for the country to tackle security issues.

Also, the Founder, Suncast Security, Retired AVM Ben Chiobi, said that the issue of security should not be militarised as it affected everyone.

Chiobi said that the country’s security was in a dare situation, hence, collaboration needed to tackle the situation.

Another speaker, Mr Seyi Adetayo, General Manager, Security, Airtel Nigeria, said that data was essential to implement security strategies.

Adetayo said security would ensure development, adding that for the country to develop, it must improve on education, science and technology.

Contributing, Dr Solomon Arase, Managing Partner, Solomon Arase Associates, said that the problem of the country was implementation of security solutions.

Arase, a former Inspector-General of Police, said that Nigeria required a cultural change in terms of legislation and leadership to tackle security issues.

Also, Prof. Ademola Abass, Special Adviser to Lagos State Governor on Overseas Affairs and Investments, said that solid security was needed to achieve stability.

Abass said that whatever security strategy being planned must align with the policies available in the country.

He said that the country’s security strategy should have regional dimension, and should transcend to other countries.