How computer manufacturers intend to tackle unemployment in Nigeria

The Certified Computer Manufacturers of Nigeria (CCMON) says it is poised to tackle unemployment by creating more job opportunities for teeming youths in Nigeria.

Speaking in Abuja, President of CCMON, Bode Pedro, said there was the need to create job opportunities for youths in the country.

Pedro said the CCMON has a number of pinpoints apart from the business of sales of computers to create opportunities for youths.

“We do this by providing youths an opportunity to learn device-related services; fixing, repairs, maintaining computers, printers and other forms of computer devices.

“With the introduction of local content, more jobs are created because local manufacturers add value to the system,’’ he said.

Pedro also said that local manufacturers have assemblers and product helpers.

“We have few people that are involved in quality control and quite a number of people work with them.

“There is also an eco-system within the computer manufacturing industry; packaging companies, software developers, design companies, among others.

“For example, when you buy computers from outside the country, value is created outside. We need to create value locally and that is the benefit we are hoping to achieve.

“When you are running a smaller company, you need to share resources with multiple companies to save money and this has saved a lot of money.

“This is the objective that CCMON wants to achieve and this is quite sustainable because we are already investing in the service.