How Emerging Technology can Tackle Crime in Nigeria

The Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN) says emerging technologies would reduce crimes in the country by 80 per cent.

The CAPDAN President, Mr Adeniyi Ojikutu, speaking in Lagos, noted that a technology such as explosives detectors Close Circuit Television (CCTV) would help fight corruption and insecurity in the country.

He suggested that the solution to insecurity in the country was massive deployment of technologies.

According to him, in the Billboard technology, if an explosive detector is installed, it will either detonate a bomb or lock a gun when any of such devices passes through the billboard.

“We have 44 major roads in Lagos. If the billboard technology is installed on 11 major roads in Lagos, it will reduce crimes by 80 per cent.

Government should install tracking device on cars, phones laptops and CCTV across Nigeria,’’ he said.

Ojikutu said that there was need for proper education to reduce the number of the uneducated in the country who were being brainwashed in collecting ransom through crimes.

CAPDAN is the regulatory body of Computer and Allied products dealers.