How Silas Adekunle became the world’s highest-paid robotics engineer

Robot engineers are designers who create robots and robotic systems that are able to perform duties that humans are either unable or prefer not to complete.

A robotics engineer is worth $102,115 a year – roughly N37 million!

But guess what?

The highest paid robotics engineer worldwide is a Nigerian!

Meet Silas Adekunle; the 26-year-old who created a robot called Mekamon – gaming robot prototype that performs human tasks….even dancing!

How did it happen?

Born and raised in Lagos, Adekunle left Nigeria for the United Kingdom at the age of eleven.

Prior to his arrival, Adekunle knew next to nothing about gaming or technology – he described it as a “culture shock.”

While at the University of the West of England Adekunle bagged first class honours in robotics & robotics technology.

An avid gamer, he regularly pitched his concepts in classrooms; especially when he served as a tutor.

But Adekunle soon realized that he could take the technological advancement of robotics and combine them with game principles to create a new breed of consumer products.

At this point, his robotics passion – combined with his gaming savvy – gave drive to the setting up of his company Reach Robotics and the first prototype of our flagship product, MekaMonin in 2013

Consequently Adekunle assembled a team of robotics engineers to build on his first product.

He regularly marketed his inventions with prospective investors; with Apple catching the bug in 2017.

Apple and Reach Robotics agreed to market the Mekamon, which has fetched Adekunle a cool $10 million.

Today, he is joined the  Forbes’ 2018 list of 30 Under 30 in European Technology.