How Uyo-based ICT expert is ‘catching them young’

It’s holiday time for kids!

As a parent, how do you keep the young ones occupied?

Take them on a long-trip to Dubai!

That is typical of the normal well-off Nigerian family.

For mid-class families, it might just be the chance to get the kids busy with summer school.

In the City of Uyo, capital of Akwa Ibom state, one expert is teaching kids how to code….catching them young you might say.

Meet Hanson Johnson, a technology entrepreneur whose desire is to change the world – with a click!

He empowers kids by organizing what he calls a “Maker’s Club Holiday programme,” an initiative aimed at giving the next generation coding skills that could help change their world.

“We are inching one step further in transforming the minds of the Kids/teens by teaching them creative ways how to make Hardware devices, Web Development 101 and Power Point Presentation Skills,” Hanson says.

For a fee of N5,000, these kids are assured of becoming the next Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

These kids will no doubt resume school in September – filled with passion for achieving endless possibilities!


Photos below