Huawei partners TD Africa on solutions for SMEs

Technology Distribution Company TD Africa has partnered with Huawei in creating technology solutions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

The products included Network equipment, storage, and Idea Hub. The Huawei Idea Hub provides a range of core productivity tools that promote digital transformation and help build a fully connected world. This was disclosed at TD Africa-Huawei SME product launch in Lagos.

Coordinating Managing Director (CMD), TD Africa, Chioma Chimere, said that the partnership would lead to revolution across Africa as it empowers the ecosystem.

She stated that technology is key to bridging the digital divide existing in the world and Africa must embrace it.

“Today Huawei is coming down to the areas where people need to be empowered by bringing technology to them. Huawei is saying that you don’t have to be a big enterprise to own and use technology,” she added.

Channel Director, Huawei, Gary Li, said the partnership aims to create more value using the SME product to achieve success with customers.

He said that Huawei has been famous for its enterprise solutions, but due to the firm’s drive, has found solutions that would meet commercial and SME needs.

“We view our partners as our extended workforce so we would stop at nothing to grow together with them in the quest to help them in their digital journey,” he added.

Explaining the interest in SMEs, Li said looking at the number, spread, and industries covered, SMEs are big businesses and account for 84 percent of jobs in the country.

Recounting the thought behind Idea Hub, Product Manager, Huawei, Sanusi Waris, said there has been a reduction in the commercial shipment of projectors, so the hub would promote collaborative offices as compared to regular offices.

He said that the Idea Hub provides the meeting, whiteboard, projection, bulletin board, and application functions.

Li added that these essential productivity tools aid digital transformation and create a fully interconnected world.

“The Huawei Idea Hub series is an intelligent endpoint that combines several features, such as built-in HD AppGallery, remote collaboration, interactive whiteboard, a multi-screen collaboration between mobile devices and computers, and FHD video conferencing,”