Innovate 1 Pay to serve FinTech needs of Africans in Dubai

Innovate 1 Pay, an African payment gateway brand, is expanding operations and provision of financial technology services to African expatriates in Dubai.

Mahmood Ahmadu, Chairman Innovate 1 Pay, says the company would consolidate cooperation and integration between Dubai and several African countries as well as tap into the market to address needs.

“Africa is set to surpass China and India as a job market by 2040, and with the recent visa reforms in the UAE, Dubai has emerged as an attractive destination for Africans to pursue career advancement and professional fulfilment.

“Innovate 1 Pay is leading this drive with the provision of international money transfer and payment services.

“With the maturing of financial markets in Africa, we have expanded our presence to a total of 56 countries, and with the promise that the new UAE visa regime holds for African professionals, we believe the prospects for growth in addressing this demographic is very promising,” he said.

Ahmadu said that the next generation of financial services would need to reflect customer expectations around secure and quick transfer of funds.

“Our relationship with government bodies and comprehensive presence in  African market, positions Innovate 1 Pay uniquely in being able to leverage these strengths and amplify them with the use of appropriate and user-friendly technologies,” he said.

Innovate 1 Pay is one of Africa’s leading providers of payment services, international money transfer and foreign exchange services.

It can address the needs of either individuals or organisations through a diverse portfolio of solutions.

Headquartered in Abuja, and with a global operations office in Dubai, Innovate 1 Pay is Nigeria’s largest provider of payment services.