Instagram now uses AI to help visually impaired users

Instagram has launched new features to help people with visual impairment.

The tech company hopes these new developments will help it break into the market of over 285 million visually impaired people globally.

“First, we’re introducing automatic alternative text so you can hear descriptions of photos through your screen reader when you use Feed, Explore and Profile,” it said in a statement.

“This feature uses object recognition technology to generate a description of photos for screen readers so you can hear a list of items that photos may contain as you browse the app.

Next, we’re introducing custom alternative text so you can add a richer description of your photos when you upload a photo. People using screen readers will be able to hear this description.”

The changes incorporate AI or by reading custom descriptions added by users.

These descriptions, known as “alt text,” are widely used online and are now being built into Instagram.

Facebook already uses AI to help visually impaired people use the application.