InstaNovella…Nigeria’s pioneer start-up for writers berths

Now Africa's number one reading platform

Are you a prolific African writer? Do you want your writings published to a community of millions? Would you like to receive bank alerts for your writings?

Well then look no further…because InstaNovella is your best stop.

InstaNovella gives African writers the chance to push out quality stories irrespective of the genre.

It is the brainchild of two young Nigerians – Dandy Jackson Chukwudi and Awaji-Itimikpang Abadi in mid-2020.

Starting out as a Facebook community in Abia state, South-East Nigeria, the duo seek to push these stories into the movie industry.

Its targets mainly millennials.

“InstaNovella is global website set up just for story telling, using all available technology within our reach to make my sure stories are been set and read. We increase everyday and each second. Goodnews about our latest development is that, registered users, can post right from their timeline! Our newly introduced newsfeed allows you to pick up your favourite story and read it on their timeline without stress! Our new site design is made so that our visitors/readers would be able to pick from their favorite genre! Mouth Watering. Africa is growing and we need to be entertained. Some people look for where to display their talents in writing, but have no notable place for that, and that is why InstaNovella is here.”

Dandy Jackson Chukwudi. InstaNovella

Currently, InstaNovella has 20,000 registered writers and has an active social media community of followers.