Introducing Cartrack app – Tackles car blockage, criminal activities

Emeka Okafor, the Company Representive of Cartack Mobile App, says the company has designed a social vehicle security and reporting mobile application that can tackle car blockage and track criminal activities.

Okafor, who spoke to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)  in Abuja revealed that the device was not like the conventional tracker installed in a car.

He said “it is an app that makes it possible for car owners to interact through their plate numbers: if you park and somebody blocks your car without having access to the person’s phone number, you can dial the person’s plate number using the app.

“In this case, the person’s car plate number will serve as the phone number to dial, and you will alert him or her that his/her car is blocking you.

“Also with this app, safety is guaranteed in cases whereby a car is used for robbery, kidnap or other criminal activities. This is because the car number plate dialed will immediately be on search list and the owner apprehended.”

The company representative explained that the application would help the police to carry out investigations on suspected cars used in executing criminal acts.

Okafor added that the application would also serve other purposes such as alert for wrong parking, abandoned cars, traffic offences, among other benefits.

He said the company was working toward making the device handy like a key holder so that it could be placed anywhere inside the car.

“If your car is stolen, all you need to do is to type the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the app and it will alert whoever comes into contact with it that it is a stolen vehicle.

“These are the benefits of the device and we hope government will support the project so that security issues can be tackled using the application,” Okafor said.

He added that presently, there was the online version of the app but with government approval, the offline version whereby everyone with an android phone could have access to it, could be made available.