Jango launches Jexport to drive African commerce, SMEs

Front line Ivorien start up Janngo has announced the launch of Jexport – an 
import-export platform tasked with scaling up Small and Medium Enterprises to attain global competitiveness.

Janngo, which has the mandate of growing and investing in pan-African digital champions with proven business models and inclusive social impact, hopes that the new platform will help freight forwarders and transporters to increase their volumes, reduce their costs and optimise their capacity on key corridors.

Fatoumata Bâ, Founder & CEO of Janngo, says with less than 3% of share in global trade, Africa remains a marginal player; while cross-border e-commerce is steadily growing and projected to hit $1000 billion by 2020. 

“It is fundamental to redouble efforts to bring innovative solutions to answer the pressing needs in terms of access to international market and be positioned to claim our fair share of the global trade cake, capture related opportunities and all positive externalities in terms of economic development and job creation,” she says.

“At Janngo, it is the core of our thesis and with Jexport, we are laying our first stone towards achieving this goal.” 


  1. Request a quote from multiple carriers with ease

      2. Receive end-to-end transportation offers from multiple trusted                        carriers and choose the best deal.

     3. Confirm your quote with or without the option of an insurance service           and receive the list of documents required to present to customs.

    4. Make the payment of the chosen offer in cash or by bank transfer and            get a single invoice for your shipments from end to end.

   5. Prepare your shipment by packing your goods with care and easily                 organize the collection and delivery of your goods with our transport             partner 

And finally……

  6. Track your shipment anytime on Jexport and pick your goods at your            destination

Jango believes that Jexaport and other lined up interventions will build digital ecosystems in high growth sectors by providing business support and digital platforms allowing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to scale and contribute to the economic empowerment of youth and women through job creation and capacity building.