Jumia Offering Contactless Delivery Option (Covid-19)

It’s no longer news that the world is been ravaged by the coronavirus and it is spreading fast in several countries of the world, Jumia is offering contactless delivery options to help curb the spread,

Social distancing has been the message of the government to the citizens seeing the way the virus is spreading but we still want to be able to order some necessary essentials while staying indoors, hence the importance of using eCommerce website like Jumia to get necessary supplies but contact with the delivery person can still expose you to danger.

So they rolled out social distancing and contactless experience. By enabling customers to buy online and offering contactless delivery options, to help eliminate physical contact and potentially reduce a person to person infection.

To reduce the risk of transmission through the handling of physical cash also, they are advocating customers to use their secure, safe and easy-to-use payment platform JumiaPay is reliably positioned as an alternative to cash payment when deliveries are made.

CEO of Jumia Massimiliano Spalazzi in a message sent out said:

We believe that e-commerce platforms like ours, with e-payment and last mile delivery capabilities, are uniquely positioned to be part of Africa’s response strategy to this pandemic. Today, our teams have a critical role, that is delivering essential goods and helping African communities during this challenging time.