Kobo360 – Nigerian logistics startup expands services to Ghana, Kenya

Less than a fortnight after launching an operations office in Lome Togo, Kbo360 – Nigerian logistics company and “disrupter of the year,” has announced plans to expand its operations to Ghana and Kenya.

Often compared to Uber but for truck drivers and freight services, Kobo360 is a tech-enabled logistics platform that aggregates end-to-end haulage operations to help cargo owners, truck owners drivers, and cargo recipients to achieve an efficient supply chain framework.

At present it covers over 80 per cent of Nigeria and has recorded a 40 per cent cost reduction in the supply chain; consequently it is targeting other key markets and expects to be in nine African countries before the end of 2019.

East-West expansion

Kobo360 is currently rolling out a beta operation in Ghana, recording over 100 trips and collaborating with clients such Olam Ghana, and expects to test the Kenyan market further in the coming weeks.

“By adding Ghana to our West African territories of Togo and Nigeria, we will link all the market to a global logistics system and this will help us to serve our customers  across a seamlessly lined pan-African market,” says co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) Ife Oyedele.

“By this we create value to our customers as we are in all the key countries in the continent.

“Kenya is the hub of East Africa, it is the most innovative market in technology and if we win here, we have won across the region. From here we will expand to Uganda and Tanzania,” he added.

Technological advantage

Through an all-in-one robust logistics ecosystem, Kobo uses big data and technology to reduce logistics frictions, empowering rural farmers to earn more by reducing farm wastages and helping manufacturers of all sizes to find new markets.

It enables unprecedented efficiency and cost reduction in the supply chain, providing 360-visibility while delivering products of all sizes safely, on time and in full.