Lagmobile – An invention of UNILAG

A group of students of the University of Lagos have developed an app known as `Lagmobile’ and a campus life website, in a bid to improve communication and security within the university community.

The Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe said at the launch of the app in Lagos that a student of French Language was in the group.

“We threw up this challenge open to all of students cutting across all the departments and faculties when we thought about improving communication as well the level of security on our campus.

“I am very proud to let you know that what we are launching here today was developed by students of this institution.

“This app was designed in such a way that if, for instance, there is a case of rape, kidnap, cultism, all the person affected needs to do is to click a button on his or her telephone.

“Once this is done, probably accompanied with a short message, wherever such the person is, signal will be sent to the right quarters for an urgent intervention.

“Again, the beauty about this app is that if any student is having any academic problem, such a student can reach the appropriate quarters through this same app, and information concerning it will be conveyed equally,’’ he said.

Ogundipe said that the students of the institution were also set to develop another app that would serve as a map within the university.

He  said that the app would  be launched in two week’s time.

Ehimisan Lanumi, a second year French Language Education student of the university who was part of the success story of Lagmobile, said the initative was a major breakthrough.

She said that with Lagmobile, life and learning on campus would have a new beginning and meaning to students.

“ICT has been my passion and I enjoy doing what I am doing here,’’ she said