Me and My Android Phone.

WHY ARE ANDROID PHONES LIKE THIS? It is understandable that no phone has it all but you see android phones, they seem to have all the problems in the world.  Now, for most of us who still have hopes in these phones can only just express our feelings on why the same problems keep coming up.

Year after year, new phones come up with better features like bigger screens, longer lasting batteries, unique sizes, camera quality and so on but there still remains the consistent complaints that arrive few months later.

It can be very discouraging and stressful for startup businesses and SMEs which is even the focus of this article.

Insufficient Space

This is the first and most annoying problem because most of the time. It limits your activities as an entrepreneur. What exactly takes all the space on a phone that has a 4gb ROM AND 16gb RAM or even less with a good memory card?

It can actually get so frustrating when it is time to take a big step for your business and find out there is no space on your phone to store whatever work you have done at that moment. For startup businesses, phones are the easiest way to get things done and to let the world know what solutions they provide. It is easier to create content and manage social media accounts with a phone and when you cannot afford to get an I-phone or a laptop, you make do with what you have; which in this case, is the android phone.

It is not encouraging when small businesses are struggling to thrive or grow and the little lifeline keeping them becomes a bigger problem that which they have the desire to solve.

Advice: Make sure to get a god SD card and back up your work on google drive so when the time comes again to clear your memory, it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Camera quality decline

Who else has noticed how the quality of the cameras declines with time? Most businesses have to use photos to take pictures to attract customers they can’t see face to face. Money is mobile and camera quality always stimulates that movement (if you know what I mean)

A lot of businesses use social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and even Pinterest to promote the products they sell. Those are the biggest online markets where quality pictures are used but it becomes a huge limitation when the camera quality of your phone is unable to help market your products well.

Even though it is obvious camera quality is relative to a lot of people, many still complain about the way it reduces with time. It becomes hard to show potential customers how good your products are with cameras that do little or no justice to the beauty of what you are selling.

Advice: Have a friend, neighbor, or even customer whose phones you can use to give you great pictures and focus less on what problems your camera seems to be posing because not just life but BUSINESS MUST GO ON.

Useless apps

You know those apps you know nothing about that you can’t delete because they are somehow related to the way your phone operates? Yes! Those ones. They especially do nothing to help when you get alerts on low memory space and can’t be deleted to save you from deleting the apps you do need.

 What is so infuriating is, a business man or woman is always looking to improve in all areas of his or her business and most times cannot download or install apps that can enable them make big changes to bring in bigger profit. This might happen due to less storage, corrupted cache and much more.

Advice: You have to choose between your apps and sometimes uninstall a few just to make way for a single app or wiping cache. Not wiping cache, installing too many apps, or having a phone full of data can slow down your phone and the performance. At that time, you are forced to free up some memory in your phone either by running some tools or deleting some data. That way more space is made for more of what you can use to succeed in your business.

By the way, whatever skill you need to learn or whatever app you need to acquire sometimes is worth deleting a few games or wiping your chats. Growth is so important, it consequently allows more room for both business and pleasure.

Battery and charging

Let’s just assume the battery situation (that is, the fact that most times due to the way phones are used, batteries never last – I-phones and android alike) but why is there never a good charger that can charge your phone as expected. As soon as the charger that comes with your phone develops a fault, there is a huge chance you may never get a good charger again (except the lucky ones).

Advice: For startups and SMEs, get a power bank that can serve as back up for times when you batter is low. This is because you cannot afford to lose customers especially those who would love immediate deliveries or customers who call for more information or even better, referrals!!!

When you are bigger, you can then get a better phone along with a landline or telephone – just in case and a laptop to help keep important things when your customer base increases.

P.S: Excessive use of a power bank can make your battery capacity to be even worse. (sometimes, maybe all the phones needs is some rest)

Moreover, there are more problems young entrepreneurs face and this could just be a tip. Most of these problems don’t need you to be tech savvy, just alert and it definitely teaches not to fully on android phones. You have only to work.

Stephanie is an editor, writer who loves to read and learn new things. She is dedicated and goal-oriented and greatly interested in helping people cultivate good communication skills.