Meet Ismaila Surajo – The school boy tractor invetor

Ismaila Surajo has been fabricating mini tractors and other farming tools.

The 23-year-old indigene of Rubochi in Kuje Area Council of the FCT has appealed to the Federal Government for support to enable him deepen his knowledge for higher output.

The young  ‘engineer’  made the appeal at the ongoing 2019 Abuja International Trade Fair where he showcased his Made-in-Nigeria tractor, excavator, truck, train among others.

“I started manufacturing different things since 2005 while I was in primary school, using condemned cartons, then  aluminum and iron which I sourced locally from scrap vendors – Babanbola.

I also refurbished second hand engines obtained from motorcycles to construct the tractor which you can start manually or by dialing its number on a mobile phone wherever you are for security reasons,” he said.

Appealing for government intervention for him to achieve his aspirations, Surajo said he has been fabricating farm implements and other items without any form of  intervention from any government agency.

He added that he was encouraged by the enthusiasm and support of commercial motorcyclists who contributed money for him when he first displayed the initial toy equipment he built.

Nathan Pawa, Director, Technology Business Department, Nigeria Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) said Surajo could use the agency’s platform to put his knowledge to practice.

Pawa however said that what Surajo required now was to further his education.

“It clearly shows that the boy is intelligent, that is the kind of call for youths who we have in the country with knowledge and talent even without western education. It signifies that young people who have skills exist everywhere in the country, it signifies that his future is bright.

The director encouraged Nigerians to be patriotic by patronising local products so as to grow the economy.