Muna – a safe crypto savings app

Blockchain technology is the main driving force behind the steady rise of the FinTech industry in Africa.This has led to the creation of several apps that have made financial transactions easier and less stressful.

One very useful app in this regard is Muna.

Available on google and apple play store, Muna is a simple and safe Crypto savings app with upto 20% APY.

Africans can now save and earn daily in dollar reaching their financial goals with ease.

Savings can start as low as $10 while Interests are paid out daily to savers’ account.


1.) Staking – Muna offer users staking opportunities within the app.

Currently, only USDN staking is supported; USDN staking on Muna is easy, fast and secure. Users can receive USDN from wallet or exchange to your Muna wallet. All it takes is just a few clicks. USDN staking pays annual interest of 10 – 15%.

No specific technical knowledge is required to stake on Muna. All it takes to start staking is owing USDN or Waves. We provide 24/7 support service. You can stake any amount you wish to. Un-stake whenever you want t, also you can withdraw your funds anytime including your profits.Your interests are paid out daily into your Muna account.


Users can read detailed report on the security mechanism built on the Muna app.

They can have complete access to funds, complete control of financial transactions.

2.) Saving – This is a planned feature for the Muna that would let Muna users save in USDN (dollar backed asset).

3). Swapping – Swapping on Muna is a feature that allows users convert their Waves to USDN at market conversion rate.

To swap, a user must hold Waves in an account.

The process is safe and secure.

After successful swap, it takes 24 hours for the equivalent USDN to get to users account.

It takes 24 hours for equivalent to help protect the Neutrino Smart Contract from arbitrage.

Payments, transactions

The internet made the world a global village and Muna lets these villagers send and receive payments easily at ZERO cost. Cross border crypto payments made easy.

Depositing and Withdrawing money on Muna can be done without any troubles.